Water SolutioNZ

Wastewater Treatment & Resource Recovery

Contact us before you commit to significant spend as you may not need a full system upgrade!  

Keeping NZ waters naturally clean

for future generations

What can we give you at Water SolutioNZ?

We specialize in industrial, domestic and
on-farm wastewater management.
To help you achieve maximum cost saving we aim to optimize your current plant and equipment through resource recovery and waste minimization. 

Water is an essential part of life and there is no life without water. At Water SolutioNZ we are passionate about restoring the natural balance of NZ waters


Years of Experience

About Us

The scope of work may include the following steps: 

  • Initial assessment using mobile laboratory

  • Sampling wastewater and testing for the key analytical parameters  

  • Identification of process bottlenecks 

  • Carry out pilot trials simulating the operation of major water and wastewater equipment

  • Development of an action plan which would include optimization of existing plant and equipment which leads to reduction of waste generation and resource recovery 

  • Project implementation

  • Guarantee and ongoing technical support 


Our Projects

Website under construction. Projects to be added


Contact us


Email & Phone:


Tel: 022 523 9939


Auckland, New Zealand

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